A range of products for the treatment of Ponds and Lakes

Lake & Pond Algae Treatment, Blanket Weed control
Keep your ponds, pools and lakes clean and clear without harming animals or wildlife.

Barley Straw Extract

  • Faster acting than straw and no messy rotting process
  • Clean, simple and easy to use.
  • Dosage can be adjusted to suit individual ponds
  • Cannot be overdosed
  • Safe for fish, plants, humans, pets and wildlife.

Barley Straw Extract - Aids Water Clarity and Conditions Pond Water.

Extract of Barley Straw is an environmentally friendly product to gently balance pond water chemistry aiding water clarity and encouraging the take up of nutrients by healthy plants. The formula is based on specialist straw technology, which is proven to gently improve water clarity without harming the fish, wildlife or plants within the pond.


  • Clear Algae from Ponds and Lakes... in days!
  • A completely safe way to treat problem lakes / ponds.
  • Clears green water, removes blanket weed.
  • Improves water quality for fish and aquatic life.
  • Proven results with fish farming companies.
  • PondRelief controls Algae growth. 

Clear and clean ponds the natural way, removes Algae with microbes (no chemicals) Improves Fish health. Suitable for all sizes of Aquatic areas including Aquariums.

OxiPlus TR35 oxygenator

Oxiplus TR35 can be used for a wide variety of applications including lakes and ponds, horticulture and grass, animal slurry and manure, septic tanks, grease traps, caravan grey water tanks, general household cleaning.

OxiPowder Oxygenator for Algae and Blanketweed Control

To improve oxygen levels and reduce sludge build up in ponds, lakes and fish farming. Prevents sudden fish death due to low oxygen levels which are a direct result of algae and blanketweed growth. Prevents stagnant water situations and enhances biological treatments for algae and blanketweed control.. Algae and Blanketweed Control and Maintaining oxygen levels for fish.